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What is the GED test?

GED stands for General Educational Development, although some people refer to it as the "General Education Diploma", which is incorrect. The GED test gives those who did not graduate from high school the opportunity to earn a certificate of high school equivalency.

The GED test is a series of tests that are designed to reflect the courses that you would take to earn your high school diploma, plus the new 2014 GED Test includes material that will test the expectations for career and college readiness The tests covers four subjects; Math, Science, Social Studies and Reasoning Through Language Arts. The GED test is available in English and Spanish and is completed entirely on a computer.

Our Online Course Options

Our GED online practice test course not only offers our students a free Ged practice test, but with certain programs, we will also give our students a certificate of completion. We have two practice tests; a free version and a timed version. Our practice tests were based off materials that would be found in the actual GED test.

In addition to our GED practice tests, we offer our own online high school diploma program. This accelerated program was developed for those individuals that are looking to earn their high school diploma online quickly. Our online high school diploma exam is also a good option for those that want more practice for the GED test online.

How Will I Get My GED?

When you use our free GED program to prepare for your GED test you will have the opportunity to study online. This will allow you to study whenever you can, at our own pace, and set you up for success for when you are ready to take the official test.

In most states, in order to take the GED test, you must be a resident of the state that you are taking it in. The cost of the GED test will vary by state. To find a testing site in your state, the GED Test website will give you the location nearest to you.

The test will take roughly 7 hours, with intermittent breaks throughout the testing.


Welcome to Auburn Canyon High School

Would you like to set yourself apart from the rest of the job candidates out there? Have you been unable to earn your high school diploma from a traditional high school? If so, then taking high school courses online to prepare for the GED test, may be the smart decision for you! We are here to help you achieve your educational goals.

Our free GED practice test will help prepare you for the GED test in a manner that is modeled after the actual GED test. Here at Auburn Canyon, we understand that you may have had life events that have prevented you from completing traditional high school classes, but it is never too late. That is why we have created a high school diploma online program that focuses on GED test preparation.

According to the 2013 Annual Statistical Report for the GED test, 816, 213 individuals took the GED test in 2013. Of the 816,213 that took the test, 213,755 were taking the test for the second time. 10,830 of the second timers were still unable to complete the test, while 67,174 completed the test for the second time, but did not pass. It is important to prepare yourself for the exam to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Try our GED practice test online to see how well you do!

Our FREE GED Practice Test
We encourage individuals who are interested in taking a GED practice test, to try our free version of our practice test. This exam will help to prepare the individual for the different aspects of the GED test. Although there is no actual GED test online, we can set you up for success with our free GED practice test. We had this this practice test specially developed based upon the type of questions that you would see on the actual GED test.

Our free version of the practice test consists of 50 multiple choice questions; 10 Math questions, 10 Science questions, 10 Social Studies questions and 20 Language Arts questions. This test will not be timed, but will have to be completed in one sitting. This free GED practice test will be a quick way to test your preparedness for the actual GED test.

Our free online GED practice test will be great starting point for our students to gauge where their opportunities are. Once the student understands what their problem subjects are, they will know where to focus on for their test prep. This test is shorter than our paid test, but just as challenging. Just for fun, ask a parent or spouse to take it and see how well they do!

GED Practice Test Online
Successful completion of the GED test is important to the individuals who are taking the test, if it wasn't then we wouldn't have students interested in taking preparation tests. The GED test certifies that the individual the needed skills and knowledge of a high school graduate. The 2013 Annual Statistical Report for the GED test, reported that 55.8% of GED test candidates had only completed the 10th grade or less and the average time out of school for candidates was 10 years. This means that 55.8% of the candidates will most likely not have all the needed knowledge to successfully pass the GED test.

Our GED practice test is a great way to find out how prepared an individual is for the actual GED test. This version of our GED practice test will consist of 200 multiple choice questions, 40 Math questions, 40 Science questions, 40 Social Studies questions, and 80 Language Arts questions. With this online exam, there is a timed option, as it would be with the actual GED test or one which can be done at the individuals own pace or to be used as more of a study guide. This version of the GED practice test will also show you which questions that you got wrong and what the correct answer is.

High School Diploma program

Here at Auburn Canyon, we believe in providing our students with an outlet to pursue their education goals in a manner that's convenient to them. We understand that everyone has other priorities in their life, such as work and a family which might be preventing them from enrolling in traditional high school classes and perhaps, the GED test was a little too challenging. For that reason, we have an accelerated program designed for these individuals that enables them to earn their high school diploma online.

With our online high school diploma program, the student will complete the course at their own pace, they won't feel overwhelmed from the stress of having to balance life with school. However, this also means that there is an option to finish fairly quickly as well. Enrollment is available at any part of the day and access to the courses are available immediately.

How Our Program Works

When you enroll in our program at Auburn Canyon high school to either earn your high school diploma online or to take our GED practice test online, you will enjoy the fact that most our programs are free and at a pace that is comfortable for you. The majority of our students are able to pass our online high school diploma test very soon after enrolling in our program.

Likewise, our students that are looking for GED online test preparation have the option of taking our specially developed GED practice test or enrolling in our high school diploma program, both would be great resources for GED test prep. Although it is currently not possible to take the GED online, our practice tests will prepare you for the official test so that when you do take it you'll be more ready to pass it.

It just takes a few minutes to enroll in our program. Once you have registered, you can begin taking the online GED practice tests or the high school diploma courses right away. Your path to your education goals start here.

Why Do Yo Need Our Services?

While it might seem like a simple battery of tests, the GED test is actually very challenging. According to the 2013 Annual Statistical Report on the GED test, nearly 25% of those who took the test did not pass. Many individuals have been out of school for 10 years before taking the test, so it is crucial that they prepare prior to the exam.

It's important to study for an online high school diploma or GED test in the same way that someone would study for traditional high school classes. In order to successfully pass the test, learning the material and preparation is essential. Our free GED practice test can help individuals prepare by testing them with materials that they may encounter in the official test, thus making them more likely to pass the first time the test is taken.

What Do Our Materials Cover?

Our free GED practice test is designed for the individual to take at their own pace, but covers the same subjects that they will find on the official GED test. Our GED practice tests include questions on Math, Science, Social Studies and Reasoning through Language Arts. Some of the sub topics covered are algebraic problem solving, earth and space science, U.S. History and questions to test your ability to read closely.

Who Will Benefit from Our School?

At Auburn Canyon high school, we trust that many individuals will benefit from our online high school diploma program or GED practice test. Our students come from all walks of life; they are of all ages, from different backgrounds and ethnicities, with a variety of educational and life goals. The one common factor is that they all want to take control of their future. By earning their free high school diploma online or using our services to study for their GED test online, they are opening the doors to a multitude of possibilities.

Our students are single parents, individuals with full time jobs, and those that wanted to, but were unable to complete their high school education in a traditional high school setting. Our students know the importance of having a high school diploma or passing the GED test and are taking action to make sure they have just as much of an advantage in the job market as others. Although they realize that they cannot take the actual GED test online, they value the opportunity to utilize our free practice GED test program to help them pass the test when they are able to take it.

Our online high school has assisted many adults and teens, with diploma courses and online GED test prep, by taking advantage of our free GED practice test and our web-based education courses. We understand that not everyone has the time or the schedule to attend in person GED test classes or attend a traditional high school which require local attendance. That's why our free online GED practice test and other online high school diploma programs are so beneficial!