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We are an online resource, specifically created for individuals preparing to take the GED test. Earning a traditional high school diploma takes four years, approximately 22 credits in mandatory subjects, which requires a good amount of studying. The 2014 GED® test is designed to measure the candidate’s knowledge of core high school subjects and their college and career readiness. While it may not take four entire years to prepare for the GED® test, it will take a healthy amount of discipline, determination and willingness to learn.

According to the 2013 Annual Statistical Report for the GED® test, 816,213 individuals took the GED® test that year. Of the 816,213 individuals that took the test, 213,755 were taking the test for the second time. 10,830 of the second timers were still unable to even complete the test, while 67,174 completed the test for the second time, but still did not pass.

Our Free GED® online practice tests and courses will help individuals prepare in a manner that is modeled after the actual GED® test. The courses that we offer, were specially created by a team of seasoned high school instructors, using the Common Core State Standards which have been adopted in 43 states. The 2014 version of the GED® test has now also integrated these same standards into each module. The secondary school Common Core State Standards were created to ensure consistency in high school teachings across the nation and to prepare students for a career or to attend college. With the ELA and Mathematics Common Core, the students learn to comprehend and analyze their school work rather than just memorize what they will be tested on.

Our site now offers a college preparation section, with information about the GED® online and how it pertains to continuing education in a post-secondary institution. We encourage graduates to continue their education and provide college entry assistance for all GED® grads! Visit our college page for more details.

High School Diploma vs GED Credential

Recent studies have shown that a GED® credential is comparable to a traditional high school diploma. A GED® is widely accepted by colleges and universities, as well as employers, basically anywhere that a high school diploma is accepted. The 2014 GED® test has been updated to align with the same standards typically found in traditional high school. The credential received upon successful completion of the GED® test will vary depending on the state that the test was administered in. The credential earned by the student could be a high school diploma, GED® certificate or high school equivalency certificate. For more information, visit our GED® credential page.

The Importance of GED® Test Preparation

According to the 2013 Annual Statistical Report on the GED® test, nearly 25% of those who took the exam did not pass. Many individuals have been out of school for 10 years before taking the test, so it is crucial that they prepare prior to the exam. High school curriculum has evolved, with the development of the Common Core standards in 2009, the level of education each graduate is required to have is consistent amongst almost all U.S states. The standards were created to prepare students for college courses and entry level career positions. The knowledge that students gain would help them succeed as a high school graduate. In 2014, the GED Testing Service® integrated the Common Core standards and the Career and College-Ready Standards into the test, measures the student’s ability to understand the questions, analyze them and use factual data to back up the answer.

Individuals who are prepared for the GED® test, will go in feeling more confident and feel less stressed while taking the exam. Our free online GED practice tests are ideal for students who are interested in measuring their GED test preparedness. We also have online GED courses and resources to help the student prepare in specific areas. Although candidates cannot take the actual GED online, there are many great resources for GED online practice books, courses and exams. Take our FREE GED Practice Test and get prepared today!